Noisescapes: installation.

Noisescapes depicts an abstract, line-drawn landscape that constantly permutates in response to shifts in timbre of the accompanying soundtrack. The effect is mesmerising and evocative, particularly when experienced as a large scale intallation.

In the installed version, a broad image is back projected across two screens set at an angle to each other. The viewer is invited to stand within the v shape created by the screens and thus cannot take in the whole image at once, an effect that heightens the immersive quality of the experience.

The soundtrack is a bell-like semi-generative sequence that modulates between ‘sweet’ and ‘harsh’ qualities. In response, curves turn into spikes, hills into mountains, calm seas are whipped by storms. Perhaps due to the abstract nature of the drawing, individual response in terms of what the viewer believes he or she is seeing, can be surprisingly varied.

Noisescapes can be set up as an installation or a performance.