Jamie Gledhill is an East Anglia based artist and academic working at the intersection of storytelling, audio-visual experimentation and interaction design.

His practice often features non-contact interaction using devices such as the Kinect, Leap and standard webcam. His works have been shown across the UK.

As an artist, I’m particularly interested in the transformative power of art and technology; the way in which playful and often meaningful experiences can be constructed; how physical, emotional, social and personal spaces can be mediated through the agency afforded by interactive technology. For example: the way in which playful interactive experiences can be used to create and explore relationships between strangers in public spaces. It seems that human beings’ attraction to new technology can sometimes lead us to abandon social norms and engage with others in previously unthinkable ways.

Take a look at these pages and by all means get in touch if you would like to discuss a project, suggest a collaboration or perhaps just find out more…