Mirror Noise: interactive installation.

Mirror Noise employs edge and movement detection techniques to create gestural interaction based on movement captured via three separate webcams. Instinctive and intuitive sensory responses are elicited by directly engaging viewers’ bodies as instruments of interaction within large scale and immersive audiovisual scenes.

The work consists of five interactive portraiture studies shown across three screens, each of which runs for two minutes. Each study has an integrated sound design element which also responds to gestural interaction.

In ‘Neon Dance’ a viewer’s outline becomes incorporated into an abstract neon shape with movement influencing a corresponding rhythm element.

In ‘Sparks’ movement triggers a shower of orange sparks.

In ‘Timewarp’ strange, glitchy audio visual effects are generated as the last few frames of video are mixed up randomly.

In ‘Sound * Light’ the viewer’s image is dramatically distorted in response to sound input such as a clap or shout.

In ‘Data Flow’ a viewer’s outline is surrounded by streams of data in the form of letters and numbers which respond to movement.